• Pedestrian Safety

    No obstruction on city streets for smooth traffic. This happens when you:

    • park in no parking zones
    • wait with cars idling on the street
    • block the street with a stopped car


  • Parking

    We all use the road to get somewhere so remember to:

    • SLOW DOWN to 5kph when approaching an unsignalized intersection and come to a FULL STOP before proceeding
    • Look both ways before turning a corner
    • Walk with a decent pace across the street
  • Littering

    Let’s help our tireless maintenance crew by picking up after ourselves

    • Pick up your pet’s poop and dispose of it properly
    • Tree wells are for trees. Take your cigarette butts with you and dispose of it in the nearest trash bin
  • Photo Friendly

    It’s okay to take photos & videos for personal use but:

    • Shot permits are required for professional sessions (pre-nups/birthday shoots, commercials, AVPs, etc.)
    • For security reasons, taking photos of banks, schools, embassies and the like are strictly prohibited
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Points to note:

    • No chain, no parking allowed
    • Secure your bikes properly and do not leave any valuable items on them
    • Park your bike in designated bike parking only
Cebu Park District

Metro Manila